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We believe that people are or can be the biggest asset a company has.

Our consultancy covers a wide variety of areas and subjects but at its heart generally have:

• People Development
• Culture Change
• Change Management
• Improvement in people related processes


Examples include (click on links for case study information):
  • Establishment of sales management processes and approaches
  • Establishment and development of performance management systems
  • Establishment of a cross selling culture
  • Trading skills development culture
  • Media Consultancy and training to manage communication projects such as floatation or
    challenging bad news stories

Establishment of sales management processes and approaches

We’ve helped companies transform their sales performance by increasing the productivity of their sales force. For a
sales team to reach its maximum potential a company must have strong sales management disciplines and principles
in place and a clear process for ensuring maximum productivity.

It is a big step to go from sales person to sales manager and we have supported many people to make the transition.

Establishment of a cross selling/trading skills culture

Most companies want their internal staff to sell more to customers and many internal staff don’t want to be sales people. We have worked on projects to build culture change so that staff feel comfortable selling and cross selling with very positive results, not just in terms of additional sales but a positive enhancement in terms of the company environment.

Media Consultancy
Suzanne Virdee on the importance of media training - click here

Many companies lack experience of handling the media, this can be in terms of communicating a significant change in
the business or when something goes wrong managing the public and industry perception. A difficult time can be an opportunity but often becomes a PR disaster which can have massive implications for the company as a whole. The
media tend to focus on the negative as far as the insurance industry is concerned and yet there can be such a positive story to tell.  Successzone has teamed up with Cloudscape Communications and Suzanne Virdee, the award winning
print and broadcast journalist, who has presented the Midland’s News for many years on both the BBC and Central, so
that we can help companies plan a strategic approach to the market on a particular project or work with executives to prepare them for engagement with the media.

Our media training and consultancy will help you address these questions:

Are you nervous when speaking to the media/or making presentations?
How would you handle an unexpected visit from the TV, radio or the press?
What’s the best way to get newsdesks interested in your success stories?
Do you know what makes a good sound bite?
We can work with groups of up to 4 key people from your organisation offering a full day’s hands on training with vital
tips and practical exercises, as well as one-on-one individual intense half day sessions, tailored exactly to your needs.

If any sort of crisis strikes your company are you ready to face the media? We can help you be effective, turn negatives
into positives or at least limit the damage. We’ll tell you the dos and don’ts and how to feel at ease when being
interviewed in all possible situations.

We’ll work with you on scenarios relevant and tailored to your business and give you the confidence and the vital skills
that you and your business needs you to have.

If you’d like more information about our bespoke media training, then have a look at our video and do please do get in touch.

SuccessZone Case Studies:

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What our clients think...
"It was very thought provoking and made us think about leadership in a different way."
Tracey Simkins EMR Europe Insurance Services Ltd 

"Excellent, very useful to my role. Will also look to share with my team."
V Patel Allianz Engineering

"A really informative session."
Matt Maddocks Ace-Ina

"...Feedback from delegates was extremely positive and there is now firm evidence of a cross sell culture embedded in our business...their expertise, knowledge and relationship building skills have been instrumental in ensuring a smooth rollout and an impressive take up for courses."
Sharon Curd, Marketing Consultant, Allianz Insurance plc  


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